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Central l East l Islands l North l Kaohsiung l Tainan l Taipei


Central Taiwan boasts the most varied terrain on the island. From the summit of Yu Shan, the landscape drops 3,952 meters to the harbor at Taichung, which is the urban center of central Taiwan.


Isolated by mountains from the industrial and commercial developments of the western plains, eastern Taiwan remains an enclave of old culture, a refuge where the flavor of human feelings retains its natural taste.


Orchid Island is an island of 45 sq. km, and is considered a jewel in the waters surrounding Taiwan.


Taiwan’s northern most tip, is a miniature model of Taiwan, with its mountains, waterfalls, volcanic past, beaches, paddy fields, villages and temples.


Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s second largest city and has a population of over one million. It is Taiwan’s largest international seaport, its major industrial centre, and the only city on the island besides Taipei with an international airport. The port is the world’s third-largest container port after Hong Kong and Singapore.


The city was capital of Taiwan from 1663 to 1885 and its history and modern flavor, is inextricably linked with the exploits of Koxinga. Today, Tainan remains highly proud of its rich cultural legacy.


Taipei was no longer a lifeless town after the Republic of China established their government in northern Taiwan in 1949. As early as the 1970s, modernization grasped the city and that continued until today.








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