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Taiwan - Getting There

planeBy plane

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is Taiwan's main international airport. It is located 40km to the southwest of Taipei and has good connections to major Asian cities and North America. The airport has direct buses to Taipei, Taichung and other nearby cities.

Songshan Airport in downtown Taipei serves mostly domestic flights only, plus limited weekly charter flights to China.

The Kaohsiung domestic and international airports are located in the same complex. International flights are only to other Asian cities and there are also charter flights to the mainland.

Taichung Airport serves domestic flights as well as international flights to Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Hualien Airport serves domestic flights as well as some international charter flights to Japan, South Korea and Macau. It is also one of the airports designated to serve cross-strait direct flights from July 2008.

The main Taiwanese airlines are China Airlines and EVA Air. China Airlines has a poor safety record (12 major crashes in 30 years) whereas EVA Air is ranked one of the safest airlines in the world. As a result, many travellers choose EVA Air. Other major airlines that fly to Taiwan include Cathay Pacific, KLM Asia, Northwest, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, United Airlines, Silkair, Jetstar Asia [(LCC) from/to Singapore only], Vietnam Airlines etc.

By boat

There are ferry links between Okinawa Island in Japan and Keelung and Kaohsiung in Taiwan once every two weeks. Departure from Okinawa Island for Kaohsiung is on Friday and the journey takes about 34 hours. Besides that, the departure for Keelung from Okinawa Island is on Monday and it takes around 28 hours to reach. On the other hand, the departure from Taiwan is usually on Sunday and Tuesday.

Star Cruise also operates cruise services from Keelung and Kaohsiung to Hong Kong and various Japanese islands. There are also services to Xiamen, China via Ishigaki.

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