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South Korea - Getting There

koreanairBy plane

Altogether, South Korea has nine international airports namely Incheon, Cheongju, Daegu, Gimhae in Busan, Gimpo in Seoul, Gwangju, Jeju, Muan and Yangyang.

Incheon International Airport, which is located about 1 hour west of Seoul, is the country's largest airport. It has good connections with cities around the world. This airport is said to have the best runway and is very well designed.

Besides that, Gimhae airport in Busan and Jeju airport also carry out plenty of international flights. On the other hand, the other airports have much fewer connections, particularly limited to cities in Japan and China.

Korean Air and Asiana Airlines are the national carriers of South Korea. United Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines all serve Incheon International Airport from the United States. Also, Singapore Airlines has nonstop flights from San Francisco and Vancouver to Seoul.

By boat

Busan Port International Passenger Terminal offers ferry rides mostly to and from Japan. The ferry connections from Busan to Japan are frequent. Besides that, there is the JR's Beetle hydrofoil service that connects Busan to Fukuoka. The trip lasts only under three hours with up to five connections per day. A Busan-Osaka ferry is available too and is operated by Panstar Line Co. Limited.

Incheon's International Ferry Terminal 1 has services to several cities in China such as Weihai, Dandong, Qingdao and Tianjin. Rizhao, Rongcheng and Lianyungang ports, all in Shandong province, China can also be reached using a ferry from Pyeongtaek.

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