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Singapore - Popular Places

lionAnimal Domain
One will be surprised to find so many different types of animals here in Singapore. Visitors can even observe nocturnal animals in their natural surroundings.



indianEthnic Domains
Over the years, Singapore's three major racial groups - Chinese, Malays, and Indians - have developed areas of architecture, customs, and colorful festivals that best express their proud past.



buddhaSingapore's Islands
Singapore is an island with over 50 surrounding islets. Some of these islets have become favorite theme parks, such as Sentosa Island. Others have become camping spots or resorts filled with water sport activities. Each have their own special personality.


domMuseums [ 1 2 ]
There are many buildings in Singapore that date as far back as the colonial era. They are now progressively being converted for use as museums.



orchidNatural Domains [ 1 2 ]
Singapore is awash with lush gardens and parklands as tropical greenery carpets the landscape. Countless trees and flowering shrubs line the expressways and colorful plants hang from balconies and overhead bridges.


ferrywheelOther Attractions
Interactive, entertaining, fabulously fun, and educational are the words to best describe these tourist attractions in Singapore. The history of the republic has also given rise to a number of landmarks and memorials.



Explore Singapore
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