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Singapore - Getting There

By Road

Driving In From Malaysia

Here are some requirements for foreign-registered cars entering Singapore

(a) Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) and Toll Charges

secondlinkForeign motorists are required to pay tolls and a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) charge at the checkpoints when they drive into Singapore. Payments have to be made using an electronic smartcard called the Autopass Card.

Autopass Cards are sold at the primary clearance/immigration booths or VEP/Tolls office at Singapore checkpoints. Motorists are required to produce valid road tax discs and insurance certificates for their cars when purchasing the Autopass Card. VEP fees are charged at SGD 20 per day, Monday to Friday (from 0200 hrs to 1700 hrs).

There are no VEP charges on Saturdays, Sundays, all Singapore Public Holidays, and weekdays from 1700 hrs to 0200 hrs. Toll charges are calculated on a per trip basis. Car drivers must pay toll charges on arrival and departure from the Tuas Checkpoint (SGD 3.70 per trip) but only on departure at the Woodlands Checkpoint (SGD 1.20 per trip). On the other hand, motorcyclists are not charged at the Woodlands Checkpoint. However, they must pay SGD 0.60 when departing and/or arriving into Singapore via the Tuas Checkpoint.

The toll charges are as follows.

In Singapore
Via Cars Motorcycles
Causeway (Woodlands) departing from Singapore SGD 1.20 not charged
Second Link (Tuas) departing from and arriving in Singapore SGD 3.70 SGD 0.60

In Malaysia

Via Cars Motorcycles
Causeway (Woodlands) when arriving in Malaysia RM 2.60 not charged
Second Link (Tuas) departing from and arriving in Malaysia RM 8.80 RM 1



Toll payments in Singapore are by the Autopass Card. Payment for tolls in Malaysia is by cash.

For more information, please visit the Land Transport Authority website (click on Motoring Matters, Guide to Driving Into and Out of Singapore).

(b) Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

erpAll motorists driving into the city or travelling on certain major roads and expressways are required to pay an Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) fee during the ERP operating hours. ERP is a scheme to help keep Singapore roads congestion-free.

For foreign motorists intending to pass through ERP-priced roads during its operational hours, they can either choose to install or rent an In-Vehicle Unit (IU) to pay ERP fees.

For those who do not wish to rent or install an IU, the option of paying a fixed ERP fee is available whereby, regardless of the number of times one passes an ERP gantry, SGD 5 will be deducted per day. This will be paid together with the VEP and toll charges via the Autopass card when departing from Singapore. This fixed fee scheme started on from 1 September 2003 onwards and is only applicable for those who do not have an IU installed in their foreign-registered cars.

By Train

trainIf you’re entering Singapore via Malaysia or Thailand, you may consider taking a train. There are two train services available:

The luxurious Eastern & Oriental Expres allows you to travel in style and comfort, while experiencing the mystical wonders of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Bookings can be made via the website.

The KTM trains offer a comfortable and efficient ride into Singapore from Malaysia. For bookings, please email the request form available at their website. Alternately, you may wish to book online via their e-ticket services.

For timetables and schedules, please visit the individual websites.

By Air

plane The air transport industry is a driving force in the development of civil aviation and airport operations in Singapore. The Air Travel Industry sees four million passengers per year. Changi Airport is served by more than 70 airlines flying to more than 160 cities in 53 countries, putting Singapore's aviation needs well into the future.


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