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13D12N Peoples of Myanmar (Code : MY-S-10)

Validity :

01 June till 31 December 2010

Market Region :

*Legend : TWN - Twin, TRP - Triple
*All Rate Quoted in USD    
13D / 12N (USD) Per Pax
Class Hotel Room Type Location
Thamada Hotel Superior Yangon
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Panorama Hotel Superior Yangon
Central Hotel Yangon Superior Yangon
Royal Parkview Hotel Pyin Oo Lwin Standard Pyin Oo Lwin
Treasure Hotel Superior Mandalay
Emerald Land Inn Standard Mandalay
Pindaya Inle Inn Bamboo Hut Pindaya
Conqueror Hotel Orchid Villa Standard Pindaya
Golden Island Cottages I Standard Bungalow Inle Lake
Golden Island Cottages II Standard Bungalow Inle Lake
Hupin Hotel Inle Khaung Daing Superior Inle Lake
Private Hotel Superior Kengtung
Princess Hotel Kyaing Tong Superior Kengtung
New Kyaing Tong Hotel Standard Kengtung
Summit Parkview Hotel Superior Yangon
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Hotel Yangon Deluxe [Worldwide and Japanese Mkt except Asian Mkt] Yangon
Royal Parkview Hotel Pyin Oo Lwin Deluxe Pyin Oo Lwin
Kandawgyi Hill Resort ROH Pyin Oo Lwin
Emerald Land Inn Superior Mandalay
Mandalay Swan Hotel Standard Mandalay
Mnadalay City Hotel Superior Mandalay
Conqueror Hotel Superior Pindaya
Hupin Hotel Inle Khaung Daing Cottage Inle Lake
Golden Island Cottages I Superior Bungalow Inle Lake
Golden Island Cottages II Superior Bungalow Inle Lake
Private Hotel Superior Kengtung
Princess Hotel Kyaing Tong Superior Kengtung
New Kyaing Tong Hotel Standard Kengtung
Parkroyal Hotel Superior [Worldwide and Japanese except Asian Mkt] Yangon
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Chatrium Hotel Yangon Superior [Worldwide and Japanese Mkt except Asian] Yangon
Sedona Hotel Yangon Superior Yangon
Aureum Resort @ The Governor s House Deluxe Bungalow Pyin Oo Lwin
Mandalay Hill Resort Superior Palace View Mandalay
Sedona Hotel Mandalay Superior [Worldwide Except Asian Mkt] Mandalay
Conqueror Hotel Superior Pindaya
Inle Lake View Resort Deluxe Inle Lake
Inle Princess Resort Mountain View Chalet Inle Lake
Private Hotel Superior Kengtung
Princess Hotel Kyaing Tong Superior Kengtung
New Kyaing Tong Hotel Standard Kengtung


Pyin Oo Lwin

Pindaya Cave



  • Arrival in Yangon
  • Transfer
  • Overnight in Yangon

Day 2 YANGON (Breakfast Included)

  • Sightseeing in Yangon
    Yangon lies in the fertile delta of southern Myanmar, on the wide Yangon River. The city is filled with tree-shaded boulevards, while shimmering stupas float above the treetops. The city became the capital only in 1885, when the British completed the conquest of Upper Myanmar and Mandalay's brief period as capital of the last Burmese kingdom ended.
  • Start the day at the SULE PAGODA, a gleaming octagonal pagoda that stands squarely at the centerpoint of the city. Afterwards, visit the NATIONAL MUSEUM to gain an insight into Myanmar. See the eight meter high Sihasana Lion Throne, used by the last Burmese king, and other fascinating artifacts from Burmese history and culture. Enjoy a break at BOGYOKE (SCOTT) MARKET, a pleasant covered market containing crafts from all corners of Myanmar, gems, fabrics and more. (The market is closed on Mondays and public holidays).
  • In the afternoon, visit some of the more well known pagodas, including BOTATAUNG PAGODA, named after the 1000 military leaders who escorted relics of the Buddha from Inda over 2000 years ago, and NGADATKYI PAYA, with a giant seated Buddha image. Finally, continue to the SHWEDAGON PAGODA, the highlight of any visit to Yangon. Towering over the city, this pagoda is the most sacred spot in the country, built to house eight hair relics of the Buddha. The Shwedagon and surrounding shrines are at their most beautiful during the sunset hour, as the golden stupa reflects the changing colors of twilight.
  • Overnight in Yangon.

Day 3 YANGON (Breakfast / Lunch - Picnic Box Included)

  • Excursion to Dala and Twante
    Cross the Yangon river by local ferry, observing the morning activity on the jetty and along the shores. After reaching Dala, take a trishaw ride past the local fish market, through green areas, and past teashops. Visit the Shwesandaw Pagoda for a dose of local legend.
  • From there, proceed by vehicle to Twante. After visiting another pagoda, also called Shwesandaw and the third tallest in the country, explore the daily life of the town itself, stopping to see local cottage industries including bamboo raft making. Finish your visit of the town at the Oh Bo pottery quarter, and observe a demonstration of the local pottery making techniques. On the way back to Yangon, visit the Indian inspired Paung Daw Gyoke Pagoda.
  • Overnight in Yangon.

Day 4 PYIN OO LWIN (Breakfast Included)

  • Transfer
  • Flight from Yangon to Mandalay
  • By vehicle from Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo)
  • Overnight in Pyin Oo Lwin

Day 5 MANDALAY (Breakfast Included)

  • Sightseeing in Pyin Oo Lwin
    Originally a Shan Danu village. A legacy of the influx of South Asians during the British colonial era is that Pyin Oo Lwin is home to around 5,000 Nepalis and 10,000 Indians. For many years it was a British hill station as due to the altitude, even at the height of the hot season, it is pleasantly cool and the air is fresh.
  • BOTANICAL GARDEN: Colonel May used Turkish prisoners of war to develop this 237-acre botanical garden during WWII. The garden features wide expanses of manicured grass, large flower beds, natural forest, rose gardens and an orchid house.
  • PURCELL TOWER: this clock tower near the town entrance was a present from Queen Victoria, who offered an identical tower to Cape Town in South Africa.
  • NAUNG KAN GYL PAYA: located at the top of a hill, there are good views of the town from here.
  • CHURCH OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION: a 100-year-old church south of the central area which features a large brick sanctuary with a belltower and cruciform floor plan. The vaulted wooden ceilings and well appointed interior are impressive.
  • JAPANESE WAR CEMETERY: cemetery containing around 50 graves. Each year during the months of December and January, friends and families of the deceased come from Japan to pay their respects.
  • By vehicle from Pyin Oo Lwin to Mandalay
    Journey southwest along Highway 3 parallel to the Myanmo railway line.
  • Overnight in Mandalay

Day 6 MANDALAY (Breakfast Included)

  • Sightseeing in Amarapura and Mandalay
    The last capital of royal Burma, Mandalay is still one of the largest cities in Myanmar, and a cultural and spiritual center. Neighboring Sagaing is home to over sixty percent of the country's monks, while the artisans of Mandalay continue to turn out the finest crafts in Myanmar. In the morning, head to AMARAPURA, also a former royal capital, and visit MAHAGANDAYON MONASTERY; in the morning, monks and novices line up to receive their daily offering of alms and food from faithful Buddhists. Pause to enjoy the atmosphere of U BEIN'S BRIDGE, a picturesque teak bridge which extends over one kilometer across Taungthaman Lake, and the highlight of any visit to Amarapura. From Amarapura, turn back to Mandalay itself, stopping first at MAHAMUNI PAYA. The Mahamuni image enshrined here is perhaps the most venerated image in Myanmar, covered in over 15 cm of gold leaf. Worshippers flock daily to the shrine at four in the morning to observe the unique face-washing ceremony. Enroute to the pagoda, stop to observe the laborious process of GOLD-LEAF BEATING, where gold is painstakingly hammered out into tissue-thin squares. Continue to SHWENANDAW KYAUNG, or the Golden Teak Monastery. Built entirely of golden teak, this intricately carved wooden monastery was once part of the Mandalay Palace, used as private apartments by King Mindon and his chief queen. Afterwards visit KYAUKAWGYI PAYA, famous for its monumental seated Buddha, carved from a single block of marble, and the elegant SANDAMANI PAYA. The final stop is at KUTHODAW PAYA, known also as "the world's biggest book". Around the central stupa are miniature pavilions, each housing a slab of marble. Numbering altogether 729, these slabs are inscribed with the entire Tripitkata, or Buddhist scriptures.
  • Overnight in Mandalay

Day 7 PINDAYA (Breakfast Included)

  • Transfer
  • Flight from Mandalay to Heho
  • By vehicle from Heho to Pindaya
  • Visit the Pindaya Caves
    PINDAYA CAVES: these caves are ensconced in a limestone ridge overlooking the lake. Inside the cavern there are more than 8000 Buddha images - made from alabaster, teak, marble, brick, lacquer and cement - and are arranged in such a way as to form a labyrinth throughout the various cave chambers.
  • SHWE U MIN PAYA: this is a cluster of low stupas just below the ridge near the Pindaya Caves. Beginning on the full moon of Tabaung (February/March), Pindaya hosts a colourful pagoda festival at Shwe U Min.
  • Visit local market and paper umbrella factory
  • Overnight in Pindaya

Day 8 INLE LAKE (Breakfast Included)

  • By vehicle from Pindaya to Inle Lake
  • Transfer by boat
  • Excursion by boat on Inle Lake
    INLE LAKE: Inle Lake, located in Shan State, is beautiful, with very calm waters dotted with patches of floating vegetation and fishing canoes. High hills rim the lake on all sides. The lake's shore and islands bear 17 villages on stilts, mostly inhabited by the Intha people. Enjoy the spectacular scenery and observe the skilled fisherman using their leg-rowing technique to propel themselves around the lake. Visit the floating gardens, a market and a Intha village around the lake (please note that no markets take place on full moon or new moon days). The day sightseeing also includes a visit to the PHAUNG DAW OO PAGODA, INN PAW KHON VILLAGE (Lotus and silk weaving) and the NGA PHE KYAUNG MONASTERY.
  • Overnight in Inle Lake

Day 9 KENGTUNG (Breakfast Included)

  • By vehicle from Inle Lake to Heho
  • Flight from Heho to Kengtung
  • Transfer
  • Walking tour around Kengtung
    Tucked away in the far eastern corner of Shan State, Kengtung is a sleepy but historic centre for the state's Khun culture, surrounded by Wa, Shan, Akha and Lahu villages. It is a very scenic town as it is built around a small lake (NAUNG TUNG LAKE) and is dotted with ageing Buddhist temples and crumbling British colonial architecture.
  • NAUNG TUNG LAKE. At the centre of town is Naung Tung Lake, which is pleasant enough place to stroll around, and is a perfect place to soak up the atmosphere of this sleeping town, dotted with examples of colonial architecture and numerous tea shops, where the locals end their working day. And also at night, there are a few street vendors selling food in this area if get that mid-night craving for some moonshine and shan food.
  • Overnight in Kengtung

Day 10 KENGTUNG (Breakfast Included)

  • Sightseeing in Kengtung
    Tucked away in the far eastern corner of Shan State, Kengtung is a sleepy but historic centre for the state's Khun culture, surrounded by Wa, Shan, Akha and Lahu villages. It is a very scenic town as it is built around a small lake and is dotted with ageing Buddhist temples and crumbling British colonial architecture.
  • WAT JONG KHAM: features a tall gilded zedi topped by a gold hti inlaid with silver, rubies, diamonds, sapphires and jade, and hung with tiny gold bells. Legend says Jong Kham dates to a visit by Gautama Buddha and that the zedi contains six strands of his hair.
  • WAT PHA JAO LUNG: 19th century temple which gets its Burmese name Maha Myat Muni from a 1920 replica of the Mandalay Maha Myat Muni image.
  • WATER BUFFALO MARKET:daily on the western outskirts of town. An interesting place to wander and watch the negotiations.
  • YAN GONE POTTERY VILLAGE: Observe traditional Shan methods of pottery manufacture.
  • Overnight in Kengtung

Day 11 KENGTUNG (Breakfast Included)

  • Excursion to Ho Kyin to visit Akha villages
    Travel by vehicle outside Kentung, and trek for about an hour and a half to the Akha villages of Ho Kyin. After exploring the village continue for another half hour to Na Phi Phank village, home to both Lahu and Akha peoples. Continue past two more Akha villages and continue by vehicle to the Khun village of Mong Zine to observe how local blacksmiths make traditional Lahu knives. Return to Kengtung by vehicle.
  • AKHA: Tthe Akha have no written language so their history was carried to this century on the backs of many colorful legends, proverbs and rituals handed down from one generation to the other. Akha are able to at least recite the male line of their family back to the beginning.
  • Overnight in Kengtung

Day 12 YANGON (Breakfast Included)

  • Morning at leisure
  • Transfer
  • Flight from Kengtung to Yangon
  • Transfer
  • Overnight in Yangon

Day 13 YANGON (Breakfast Included)

  • Transfer
Price for Package above inclusive of
  • Accommodation and meals as described (please note that some hotels provide only CBF)
  • All transfers within the journey, including pick-up at airport
  • Economy class flights
  • All entrance fees
  • English, French or German speaking guides (other languages available upon request)
  • For Vietnam: Visa-approval letter
Price for Package above exclude the following
  • Tippings
  • Room service
  • Insurance
  • Visa fees
  • Any Airport taxes
  • Other personal expenses
Child Policy
  • Child with bed
    • Under 2 years - FOC
    • under 12 years - 70% of Twin Rate
Important Note
  • Min 2 Person
  • All prices are per person in USD, based on twin-sharing in double rooms in the default hotel for the listed category
  • For bookings of roundtrip or module packages, we will confirm one of the hotels mentioned above according to the selected category
  • Please note that compulsory gala dinners and peak season surcharges may apply during peak periods surrounding the public holidays of Christmas and New Year - these surcharges will be confirmed at the time of booking
  • The Package Costs are subject to change without prior notice.

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