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Chinatown Hotel - Bangkok
Chinatown Hotel

Chinatown is a colourful, exotic and busy area, packed with market stalls and probably the greatest concentration of gold shops in the city. The Chinese community, relocated here from Rattanakosin (Old City) in the 1700's, still continue their own traditions and religious practices, and the area is quite unlike the rest of Bangkok.

Relatively untouched by modern development - and despite being always crowded, hot and exhausting - it's an experience not to miss. The main road, Yaowarat Road, (appropriately) follows the curve of a dragon's body, making it an ideal location for business. And business is doing very well, thank you...

The Chinese community in Bangkok, descendants of early traders, have been living in Thailand for generations, and generally consider themselves very much as Thais; most can no longer speak any Chinese. The area has a somewhat seedy historical reputation for large numbers of opium dens, brothels, pawnshops and a fondness for gambling that used to prevail.

Today, gold shops and pawnshops are still very popular in Chinatown, and can be found almost anywhere and everywhere. Drug dealing, prostitution and gambling (all now illegal in Thailand) are also still thought to be widespread in this area - although they are not likely to be very noticeable to the average visitor. So don't expect to see any go-go bars in Chinatown!

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