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Taitung - Taiwan Taitung

Taitung is located in the East-South part of Taiwan Island, face to the south Pacific Ocean and backed by the Central Mountain Range, narrow in horizontal and long in vertical. The size is around 3,515 square kilometers. It is the 3rd largest county of Taiwan, in size. Green Island and Orchid Island are the two pearls of Taitung. Taitung has many features that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists each year. These features-- the east coast on the Pacific, the long narrow valley, Highway, and the two off-shore islands-- Lanyu Green Island that include the beauty of the Pacific scenery, the cultures of six different aboriginal tribes, places of unusual historic or scenic interest, and the many subtropical plants and animals.

Furthermore, the recreational resources on the east coast include places of interest and vacationers' resorts such as Eight-Angel Caves, Stone Parasol, Three-Fairy Rocks, Taiyuan Basin, Tungho Bridge, Water Flowing Upward, Shanyuan bathing beach, and Hsiao-Ye-Liu.

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BulletFeng Tai Hot Springs  
BulletFormosan Naruwan  
BulletHotel Royal Chihpen Spa  
BulletChin-Pen Toong Mao Hot Spring Resort  
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