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Wen Wong Hotel
Wen Wong Hotel Single Room
Wen Wong Hotel Double Room
Wen Wong Hotel Triple Room
Wen Wong Hotel Suite Room A
Wen Wong Hotel Suite Room B
Wen Wong Hotel Cafe
Wen Wong Hotel Food
Wen Wong Hotel
Wen Wong Hotel
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No.85, Sec.3, Wunsin Rd., Situn District, Taichung City 407, Taiwan R.O.C
   Hotel Overview
Overview - Wen Wong Hotel

Wen Won Hotel is a superb business hotel in the Freater Taichung Area. Its four-story building has 122 fine guest rooms. The hotel is located between Wensin Road and chinghai Road in Situen District, Taichung City - the area is becoming an important hub for the traffic of middle of taiwan. Traveling and negotiating business between the north and the south is easy, and the surrounding road network makes travel quick and convenient. The hotel has fire- fighting and escape equipment meeting national safety standards and a large-sized underground parking place. There are also security staff guarding your car twenty - four hours a day. The surrounding areas are sade and secure.

Inside the hotel are Toys "R"Us, McDonalds, U-Lite, a larfe-sized commercial zone, securities companies and other famous shops. Surrounding this hotel are the National Museum of Natural Science. central Taiwan Science Park, SOGO Taichung, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Fengjia night market, tourist jade market, streets of Taichung famous products, Taichung Metropolitan Park, and the World Trade Center of Taichung. All these can let you not only enjoy our high-quality accommodation environment, but also diverse leisure chices, during travel or busness negotiations.

   Location & Hotel Map
Location - Wen Wong Hotel

Wen Wong Hotel Location MapDriving under Zhonggang Interchange, you then turn left on to Wensin Road. It takes only five minutes to reach it from Zhonggang Interchagne, or around twenty minutes from the train station by car. Surrounding it are many large department stores, Fengjia night market, and Zhonggang commercial zone or Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology. Zhonggang and Nantuen Interchange, Zhongzhang Highway, and Zhongtou Highway. If you drive a car, we offer our guests free parking in a garden. There are also services - twenty-four-hour security by guards and a specialist car-wash. You can also use public transport - if you like to travel from our hotel to various counties and cities, you may go to the Coach Terminal nearby; or inside Taichung City, whether by taxi or other transportation, It takes less than 30 minutes. Our service staff will all welcome your arrival.

   Rooms & Accommodation
Accommodation - Wen Wong Hotel

Single-One Large Bed

Double - Two Small Beds

Triple - One Large Bed & One Small Bed

En-Suite Room A - Four Small Bed

En-Suite Room B - Two Big Bed

Wen Won Hotel has elegant single rooms, specially designed for industrial and commercial people' offical duties and business negotiation - and thus offering internet connections without limited condition. Searching for 'coziness, elegance and convenience' as objectives, we design our rooms with coziness, tranquaility, simplicity, honesty and convenience as our principles and also make sure that all the guests living in our hotel still feel as comfortable as if staying in their offices or home. Other features include convenient transport and comfortable beds. During your period of traveling and business negotiation, you can fully relax yourselves and recover you vigour and energy after exhaustion and then continue your journeys in the following days. Also, our attentive services are sure to satisfy your demands.

   Facilities & Services
Facilities - Wen Wong Hotel

Our hotel also provides full afternoon tea and refreshments or aromatic coffee. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy talking with your friends.

Leisure, food, entertainments, and shops are nearby
Celebrated shops of international fame - McDonalds, Toys"" Us, U-Lite, KingStone bookstore, Dashin Securities, etc. - are downstairs. Supermarkets, streets for food, streets for shops and health and leisure centers are at a walking distance from our hotel. Nearby are traditional snacks, markets and centers for antiques and jades, local tea houses, various styles of cafs and streets with famous products. All these can let you not only enjoy our high-quality accommodation environment, but also have diverse leisure choices during travel or business negotiations.

Dining and Banquet
Located on the first floor, the Western Restaurant supplies all guests with an American-style buffet breakfast (7am-10am). We welcome you to enjoy our breakfast service. The restaurant supplies many kinds of abundant American-style buffet breakfasts, including Chinese-style snacks, refreshments, porridges and seasonings, American-style salads, milk, cheeses, baked bread, cakes, etc. - all the kinds that you like. Wen Won Hotel welcome you to make a reservation on the phone and wait to serve you at any time when you arrive. We also offer our sincere service and hope that our service helps you to have pleasant time for the whole day.

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