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The Richforest Resort
The Richforest Resort Room
The Richforest Resort Room
The Richforest Resort Dining
The Richforest Resort
The Richforest Resort
Star Rating :
No.31 Shueisiou St.Yuchih Township, Sun-moon Lake, Nantou Country 555, Taiwan
   Hotel Overview
Overview - The Richforest Resort

The Richforest is first mega wooden cottage of Asia, the entire building is built with Chinese cypress timber.Housing 45 guest rooms and recreation facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, and also incorporates exclusive lake-side docks on Sun Moon Lake, that not onlyprovides the ship berthing service for visitors, but also a great place for leisure and recreation.

The Richforest once received a “Superstar Hotel” rating by the American Star Service. It is also the hotel that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses when important foreign guests come to stay; for instance, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, the President of Nauru, the King of Tonga, the Prime Minister of Singapore, the Queen of Swaziland, the Chancellorof Germany, Chen Shui-Bian and Ma Ying-Jeou the President of Taiwan and so on.

Located on the Sun Moon Lake shore, the Richforest embraces a unique and beautiful natural landscape, with relaxing lake views, no mater what time of year, whether its the enchanting spring, radiant summer, graceful autumn, or the spacious winter, the lakes beauty presents its diverse expressions the whole year around. For all travelers, the Richforest
is not only a resort, but also a dream vacation paradise!

   Location & Hotel Map
Location - The Richforest Resort

The Richforest Resort
 Location MapSun Moon Lake is located in central Taiwan, the biggest freshwater lake in Taiwan, and a most beautiful mountain lake as well. The surface boundary of the lake is the Lalu Island, the shape of its east-side is like a sun and the west-side like a crescent moon, and therefore it is given a name of the Sun Moon Lake. Her beauty is integrated and created by the mountains and the lake; the middle-height elevation of 748.48 meters develops the painting-like mountains and water view of Sun Moon Lake, the mist and the changes of the defined mountain layers, and the prospects of poetry and painting alike, all these stop visitors from leaving.

   Rooms & Accommodation
Accommodation - The Richforest Resort

Various timber suites integrate the natural recreation vacation styles, guests can be relaxing in the restful andcomfortable ambiance as soon as they step into their guest room. Each guest room abounds in the fresh scents of the outdoors, the ever-expanding Sun Moon Lake views, fresh air,and cozy sunshine spreads into the homey guest rooms thru the French windows, allowing our guests to be completely enveloped in the arms of the Sun Moon Lake.

   Facilities & Services
Facilities - The Richforest Resort

The Richforest on Sun Moon Lake provides you various 5 Star recreation facilities, such as the private dock, separated SPA for men and women, fitness room, massage pool, chess games room, pool table, and spacious private KTV rooms.While you’re touched by the natural views, we also provide you more relaxations and happiness.

  • Private Dock
  • Separated SPA for Men & Women
  • Massage Pool
  • Fitness Room
  • Chess Games Room
  • Pool Tables
  • VIP KTV Rooms
  • Bicycles
*The images shown are for guidance purposes only.
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