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Hotel Photo Gallery
Caesar Park Kenting
Caesar Park Kenting Room
Caesar Park Kenting Room
Caesar Park Kenting Room
Caesar Park Kenting Beach Bar
Caesar Park Kenting Toy Shop
Caesar Park Kenting Swimming Pool
Caesar Park Kenting
Caesar Park Kenting
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No.99 Yong-an 1st Street, Yongkang City, Tainan County 71081, Taiwan (republic Of China)
   Hotel Overview
Overview - Caesar Park Kenting

On February 2, 1986, Caesar Park Hotel~ Kenting came into existence south of the Tropic of Cancer, becoming the first 5-star hotel to be established in Kenting on the Hengchun Peninsula. The development of the entire Kenting sightseeing area coincides with the growth of Caesar Park Hotel~ Kenting over the years. In the last 20 years, Kenting and the Caesar Park Hotel~ Kenting jointly saw through the flourishing of the travel and tourism era for this entire area. In the early spring of 2006, Caesar Park Hotel~ Kenting re-emerged with a brand new look, ready to shine once more and to project a picture of elegance and refinement while creating a tropical leisure paradise for you.

   Location & Hotel Map
Location - Caesar Park Kenting

Caesar Park Kenting Location MapShuttle bus to Hengchun Airport – hotel guests going to Caesar Park Hotel~ Kenting are free to take the bus; however, please make reservations with the hotel in advance because bus runs are limited.

* Flight to Hengchun Airport in Hengchun:
  (As there is no flight on Wednesday during the summer period, there will be no shuttle bus service.)
The hotel provides free shuttle bus service between hotel and airport, and the ride takes about 20 minutes. Since bus frequency is fixed everyday, guests must make reservation with the hotel on the phone one day before, and reservation for the day is not accepted. Reservation is limited to guests who will check in and check out of hotel that day.

* Going by Plane and Train to Kaohsiung:

. From Hsiao Kang Airport or Kaohsiung Railway Station, take the Chung Nan Bus The Kaohsiung — Pingtung bus goes to Kenting, stopping right in front of the hotel. The ride takes about 2.5 to 3 hours, and there is a bus about every 10-15 minutes, making it very convenient to get to Kenting.
. The hotel also helps arrange car rental for pick-up service. Please inquire from the hotel or sales office for the rates.

* By Car:
Drive along Chung Shan Highway and take the southern exit, then turn right. Afterwards follow Chung Shan 4th Road, Ocean Road, Coastal Highway moving southward till arriving in Kenting. Those who take 2nd Southern Highway have to turn left after getting off from the interchange of Pingtung Nanchou, then follow the signpost of No. 1 Provincial Highway to Fungkang, and then along No. 26 Provincial Highway heading for Kenting. After taking the Grand Boulevard of Kenting, the Caesar Park Hotel~ Kenting is on the left and in front of Hsiaowan and the Frog Rock.

   Rooms & Accommodation
Accommodation - Caesar Park Kenting

In the early spring of 2006, much like a blossoming flower, Caesar Park Hotel~ Kenting with its unique tropical style suggesting Balinese ambience reopened in southern Taiwan. Spacious, bright, recreational and comfortable in design, the guest rooms with a view of the sea take the hue and texture of wood while the ones with a glimpse of the mountain are done in the soft color of rice grain. Every guest cannot help but feel relaxed and comfortable in surroundings reminiscent of Bali. Pull open the window curtains and let the sunlight or moonbeam in. The atmosphere at Caesar Park Hotel~ Kenting puts the visitor in the mood for romance.

   Facilities & Services
Facilities - Caesar Park Kenting

The Recreation Center, which serves as a brand-new place for amusement at the Caesar Park Hotel~ Kenting, occupies 420 pings. The space is divided into the children's hall and the youth's hall. Facilities include those for billiard, table tennis, handball and football. Likewise found here are the chess game room, the TV game room, the Internet room, the story room, recreation area, and all kinds of indoor facilities promote leisure and health. In addition, leisure activities are scheduled throughout the day with the end in view of conforming to the concept of a healthy holiday. These programs change from time to time. Very often, events are timed to coincide with festivals. These are always fun and full of surprises.

Comfortable and relaxing facilities play rather critical role in the recreational hotel. After its renovation in 2006, Caesar Park Hotel~ Kenting is equipped with brand new and comprehensive facilities for you so that you can have a totally relaxed holiday without having to leave the hotel.

*The images shown are for guidance purposes only.
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