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Hotel Photo Gallery
Alishan House
Alishan House Hotel
Alishan House
Alishan House
Alishan House
Alishan House
Alishan House
Alishan House
 Souvenir Shop
Alishan House
 Star Viewing Tower
Alishan House
 Tea Art Center
Alishan House
 Chinese Restaurant
Alishan House
 Pine Art Court Coffee Shop
Alishan House
Alishan House
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No.16 West Alishan, Shianglin Tsuen, Alishan Shiang, Chiai County, Taiwan
   Hotel Overview
Overview - Alishan House

Respond to the twenty first century tourism development movement, Ministry of Transportation & Communications developed by Twenty First Century Taiwan Tourism Strategy.To create a high quality sightseeing environment concentrate in local community, ecological community, and variety as the main principal. To continue promote tourism, the Executive Yuan Tourism Development Team appointed Chiayi County government and Tourism Bureau to carry out the scenic resource investigation and management arena agenda for Ali Mountain region. In March 2001, Ministry of Transportation & Communication completes the grade review as national class scenic area and declared management region. In the same year, established National Scenic Area Administration Office in Mt. Ali on July 23rd. On September 4th, President Chen came in person for the grand opening.

Alishan House is a top-class hotel with newly constructed exquisite suites on Taiwan's highest scenic spot. It also have elegantly decorated wood cabins, provide guests a memorable vacation. Our suites are aimed to present serenity, softness, and coziness. Reminiscent design and Japanese style suites present high quality accommodation. Wood cabin enable guests to enjoy the forest pythoncidere, experience total relaxation. Staying in the Alishan House lets you feels at home, and brings you unforgettable memories.

   Location & Hotel Map
Location - Alishan House

Alishan House
 Location Map1. Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation

Taipei - Mt. Ali: Every Friday, Saturday nights at 8:45 depart from Taipei. The next day 12:30 pm. depart from Mt. Ali. Total driving time is approximately 6 hours. Please contact Taiwan Motor Transport Company Taipei West Station for more information 02-311946.

2. Driving on your own Driving by No.1 Freeway:

Exit at Chiayi Interchange, get on County Highway No. 169, turn to No. 18 Highway Mt. Ali county road pass the crossroad of Chukou and Shih Jhuo, arrive Mt. Ali forest amusement park.

Driving by No. 3 Freeway: Exit at Jhongpu Interchange, turn directly on No. 18 Highway Mt. Ali county road pass the crossroad of Chukou and Shih Jhuo, arrive Mt. Ali forest amusement park.

Total driving time is approximately 2 hours.

driving allowed inside Mt. Ali Forest Park. Driving visitors please park vehicles in the parking lot next to the front door toll station. Call Alishan House front desk at 05-267-9811 for our transport bus, and wait for it in front of the Traveler Service Center.

3. Departure time of the Forest Small Train:

Traveling Up: Chiayi Train Station Monday ~ Friday 13:30 / Saturday, Sunday morning have extra train departing at 9:00am.

Traveling Down: Mt. Ali Station Monday ~ Friday 13:18 / Saturday, Sunday morning have extra train departing at 13:30.

Then arriving Mt. Ali Station, our staff will lead you to the transport bus back to Alishan House.

Recreation Area Transportation Information:

Time: Every day from 8:00 am. ~8:30 pm. departing every half hour. The also provide transport bus to Alishan-Chushan for viewing sunrise. Departure time coordinate with the forest train departure time. Transport Bus Stations: Alishan House Wood Cabin Area Traveler Service Center.

   Rooms & Accommodation
Accommodation - Alishan House

Honeymoon Suite
Room Type : One king size bed (or two single beds)

VIP Suite
Room Type : Two king size beds (Jacuzzi Included)

Superior Suite
Room Type : Two rooms + a bathroom and living room

Fragrant Suite
Room Type : One king size bed + Romantic bed (5x6 feet)

Scenery Suite
Room Type : One king size bed (or two single beds)

   Facilities & Services
Facilities - Alishan House

Chinese Restaurant
Featuring : Chinese gourmet / Stir-fry / Set menu
Capacity : 200 people

The Chinese restaurant located on the fourth floor has the best view in Mt. Ali. National Park. Enjoy the delicacy surrounding by mountains, the constant changing sea of clouds, and magnificent sunset; relief your weariness, is the best choice to relax and satisfy your appetite.

Star Viewing Tower
Featuring : Free
Capacity : 40 people

The Star Viewing Tower located in the air garden of Alishan house loft. Among the highest mountain peaks in Mt. Ali, the tower has the advantage to viewing stars with disturbance. Come and let the high mountain night sky wash away all your distress.

Souvenir Shop
Featuring : Base on the marked price on merchandise
Capacity : 50 people

Souvenir shop has numerous exquisite Native style handcrafted artifacts, such as the Mt. Ali Tapagu-Tufuja hat and wallet, series of small train products, cypress soap, fragrance oil, and more. These great products provides you with many choices for self-use or gift items, satisfy your desire for shopping.

Pine Court Coffee Shop
Featuring : Minimum expanse NTD 100 per person
Capacity : 50 people

The out door Pine Court Coffee Shop??pleasing you with high mountain pythoncidere bath right next to sunset and sea of clouds. Enjoy a cup of nice high mountain coffee while adoring the beautiful view.

Tea Art Center
Featuring : Temporarily closed for business
Capacity : 30 people

Come visit our best high mountain tea taste center in Taiwan. Blue tea aroma brings you into the spirit of Chinese landscape painting; JinShyuan tea brings you among clouds. Angelica keiskei? Mt. Ali specialty, leader of healthy tea, gives you abundant energy.

*The images shown are for guidance purposes only.
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