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Jeju Island Hotel - South Korea
Jeju Island Hotel

The vibrant city of Jeju is one of the premier tourist destinations in Korea. Thousands of visitors travel to Jeju to visit its scenic stunning beaches, thunderous waterfalls, rugged cliffs and unique lava caves that are abundant with beautiful volcanic rocks. The city enjoys a mild climate which makes it a destination that can be visited year-round.

The city has developed a well designed tourism infrastructure and offer travellers a wide selection of attractions and notable points of interest. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Jeju is the fun-filled Jeju Fire festival. This festival celebrates the volcano, eruptions and all. Participants are treated to traditional folk dancing and music, wonderful food and amazing fireworks. Another renowned tourist place is Jeju Folk Village that is the most accurate representation of the charming lifestyle and traditional culture of this wonderful city as it contains a mountain village, fishing village, an old-world market place and historic buildings.

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