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Geylang - Singapore Geylang Junction Shopping Centre

Ever since the early days, Geylang which is situated at the East Coast of Singapore is known to be the centre of the Singapore’s ethnic Malay community. The reason behind this is because Malays and Orang Lauts have settled at Geylang after the British dispersed the floating village during the middle of the 19th century. By the 1800s, the Geylang area became more developed and soon it became one of the congregation areas of wealthy Malays, including families such as the Alsagoff, Alkaffs and Aljunied families. During the 1930s, several other Malay districts were formed and today, these Malay districts have evolved to become the well know Geylang Serai.

Today at Geylang, the area is still generally untouched by urban development of Singapore as part of the town are preserved as the way they are, with shop houses by the two side of the road just like the good old days during the 70s. Although there are less visible high rise buildings at Geylang, the area can still be considered to be a hectic location during the day and as well as the night. The reason behind this is because aside from being near to the central area, there is also a legally permitted red light district at Geylang, foreign workers areas and as well as various karaoke lounges. Aside from having historical shop houses located around the roads at Geylang, tourists and visitors frequently flock to the Geylang area as Geylang is situated at the East Coast where the white sandy beaches is located at. However, one of the biggest reasons Geylang is being frequented by local and as well as international visitors is because Geylang is renowned to be the home to many of Singapore’s culinary dishes. Some of the must try dishes in Geylang include the well known seafood such as chilli crab, the famous Katong laksa and last but not least, the roti prata.

All in all, Geylang is a must visit place if a visitor is looking for a nostalgic town to roam around freely. In addition to that, visitors looking for a taste of Singapore’s local delicacies should pay Geylang a visit as the dishes served at Geylang can offer an unprecedented taste to most of the visitors which leave them coming back again to Geylang.

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