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Home >> Hotel >> Malaysia Hotel >> Sabah Hotel >> Sandakan >> Sepilok Jungle Resort
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Hotel Photo Gallery
Sepilok Jungle Resort
Sepilok Jungle Resort Dormitory Room
Sepilok Jungle Resort Executive Room
Sepilok Jungle Resort Family Room
Sepilok Jungle Resort Standard Room
Sepilok Jungle Resort Banana Cafe and Restaurant
Sepilok Jungle Resort Kayu Malam Hall
Sepilok Jungle Resort Lagoons
Sepilok Jungle Resort Belian
Sepilok Jungle Resort Camp Site
Sepilok Jungle Resort
Sepilok Jungle Resort
Star Rating :
Km 22 (11 km from airport),
Labuk Road, P.O.Box 2082, 90723
   Hotel Overview
Overview - Sepilok Jungle Resort

Escape to a paradise of nature at the Sepilok Jungle Resort, enclosed within a tropical virgin Borneo Rainforest in Sandakan, Sabah (Borneo), Malaysia. Let its beautiful landscaped gardens and wide expanse of lush jungle transport you back in time.

The Borneo Rainforest harbors one of the richest wildlife treasure: Orang Utan Pongo pymaeus, our 3rd closest cousin, sharing a 96.4% gene same as human. Proboscis Monkey Nasalis larvatus, famous for its big nose and pot-bellied stomach, endemic only to Borneo. Green Turtle Chelonia mydas, returns to major nesting sites around the northern coast of Borneo after traveling great distance for favored feeding grounds. These three incredible wildlife are classified as Totally Protected Animals by the Sabah Wildlife Department. For many endangered animals, such growing awareness on the importance to protect the last sanctuary of the Natural Wildlife could not be more soon.

At Sepilok Jungle Resort, we celebrate the rebirth of our wildlife heritage and invite you to witness its magnificence. At a stone-throw away from the renown Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, Sepilok Jungle Resort offers comfortable lodging for visitors around the world to get close but un-intrusive glimpse of this nature paradise.

Sepilok Jungle Resort: a Gateway to the Wonders of Borneo.

   Location & Hotel Map
Location - Sepilok Jungle Resort
Sepilok Jungle Resort Location Map

We're right next door to the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre- a pleasant 5-minute's walk away.

   Rooms & Accommodation
Accommodation - Sepilok Jungle Resort

There are many options for accommodation styles.  We offer a friendly and comfortable home for everybody   to air-conditioned standard and executive type, set amidst nature with its charm and mysticism.

Room Type:

Standard Accommodation Building

a double storey building with six individual standard rooms.

Budget Accomodation Building

Features afforable and comforable rooms as well as a comfort sitting hall.

Executive Accomodation Building

with shady trees and beautiful garden right outside your doorstep.

   Facilities & Services
Facilities - Sepilok Jungle Resort

Birding, Fishing, Facsimile, Internet access, Transport arrangement, Tour packages, Good Food, Game of Rummy with Judy.... Do let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay a perfect one.

Banana Cafe & Restaurant
opens daily from 7.00am - 10.00pm serves sumptuous Malaysian Cuisine.

Kayu Malam Hall
TV/Video viewing, reading materials & games.

"Belian" structured Multi-purpose Platform
Traditional Belian styled Open-air Platform to suit any occasions or functions.

Our Lagoons
What better way to spent a lazy relaxing afternoon than to drift around in our very own lagoons.

Function / Seminar Hall & Business Centre
Large enclosure with comfortable amenities (IDD and Fax)

Camping Sites
Perfect for Team-Building or just roughing it out.

*The images shown are for guidance purposes only.
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