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Home >> Hotel >> Malaysia Hotel >> Terengganu Hotel >> Redang Island >> Redang Reef Resort
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Redang Reef Resort
Redang Reef Resort
Redang Reef Resort
Redang Reef Resort Diving
Redang Reef Resort Dining
Redang Reef Resort Dinner
Redang Reef Resort Food
Redang Reef Resort Room
Redang Reef Resort Room
Redang Reef Resort
Redang Reef Resort
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Pulau Redang
   Hotel Overview
Overview - Redang Reef Resort

A home by the sea

The Redang Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia. It is is located on the east coast at a 45 minute speed boat ride from the Merang Jetty port.

The Redang island temperature ranges from 31° to 34°C during the day, a strong breeze of wind will still keep a cooling circulating air. Shining white beach sand with crystal clear light blue sea water give an unforgettable soothing relaxation sensation.

Beautiful fish swimming gracefully around the magnificent coral makes scuba diving or snorkelling a must.

The Redang Reef Resort: At only 30 minutes from the mainland Terengganu lies the Redang Island, and perched atop a rocky ledge amidst its serene greenery is the Redang Reef Resort.

A gem of a retreat, Redang Reef offers only 38 rooms in three blocks of double-storey wooden long-houses of authentically Malay architecture. With basic modern amenities, the simplicity of the rooms emphasises the laid-back homely ambience that permeates the resort, providing guests a casual, relaxing and cosy holiday experience.

Nestled between Redang's loveliest stretch of beach and rich coral bay, Redang Reef is both a haven of tranquility and stunning landscapes, and a doorway to an exhilarating adventure. Romantic moments are shared on its quiet, sun-kissed beach fronting a clear shallow private lagoon.

Stroll along the main beach accessible by a private bridge, or under the moonlight mesmerised by the sparkling blue sand - a feature unique to Redang Reef. Or take a dip into spectacular playgrounds of corals with abundant kaleidoscopes of astounding marine life.

Throw in a generous spread of sumptuous local cuisine under the stars and that all you need to call Redang Reef your home by the sea.

   Location & Hotel Map
Location - Redang Reef Resort

Redang Reef Resort Location Map

Getting There
By Plane

From Kuala Lumpur, you can take a flight from KLIA that flies direct to Kuala Terengganu Airport which will take approximately 45 minutes. Transportation from Kuala Terengganu airport to jetty and from jetty to the airport are provided free of charge upon request. From Merang jetty, you will be transported to Redang Reef Resort by speed boat which will be a 45 minutes journey.

By bus
From Kuala Lumpur, you can take the bus express service at Puduraya Bus Station which will transport you directly to the Kuala Terengganu Bus station. The journey will take about 8 hours using the new Pantai Timur Highway. Free transportation which includes a drive to the jetty and a speed boat ride to Redang Reef Resort will be provided.

By car
If you wish to travel by car, you can use the newly opened Pantai Timur Highway which will take about 6 hours to Kuala Terengganu town and visit the Redang Reef Resort office or travel another 45 minutes to Merang jetty. The speed boat ride to the resort will be provided.

   Rooms & Accommodation
Accommodation - Redang Reef Resort

The 24 air-conditioned rooms all have attached bathrooms, and have just been renovated for year 2000. There are twin, triple and quad rooms available.

All twin rooms can be converted easily into triple rooms as there is a platform for an additional mattress.

The twin and triple rooms are located at the front of the wooden accommodation block. The quad rooms are located behind this, at the foot of a jungle slope, giving a back-to-nature feel with the tall trees and squirrels scampering about.

   Facilities & Services
Facilities - Redang Reef Resort


  • Mini Karaoke
  • TV or Movie Show
  • Beach Volley Ball
  • Traditional Chongkak
  • Mahjong and Gin Rummy
  • Mask Rental will be charged RM10.00 per piece
  • Boat for night/day fishing available at RM250.00 per boat
  • Carom, Card, Chess & Darts
  • Jungle Trekking

Food & Beverage
Food is served buffet style and quite good, especially the nasi lemak served at breakfast, the dry Thai-style fried beehoon served at BBQ dinners and the sweet sauce chicken.

Food is always sufficient. Breakfast at the outdoor patio allows one to admire the beautiful view, but tends to get too hot for comfort by late morning. There is also a covered dining area for refuge from the heat and rain.

*The images shown are for guidance purposes only.
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