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Home >> Hotel >> Malaysia Hotel >> Hotel Packages In Malaysia
i. Malaysia City & Adventure Packages
Malacca Hotel Packages - Malacca Port Dickson Hotel Packages - Negeri Sembilan
BulletA Famosa Resort BulletAvillion Village Resort
BulletD-Paradise Tropical Village  
BulletMajestic Malacca Hotel (ex.Majestic Hotel) Sarawak Hotel Packages - Sarawak
  BulletRoyal Mulu Resort
Kuala Rompin Hotel - Pahang BulletHornbill Golf & Jungle Club
BulletSerai Di Lanjut Beach & Golf Resort (ex.Lanjut Beach)  
  Danum Valley Hotel Packages - Sabah
Taman Negara Hotel Packages- Pahang BulletBorneo Rainforest Lodge
BulletMutiara Taman Negara Resort  
BulletNusa Holiday Village Taman Negara Terengganu Hotel Packages - Terengganu
BulletPersona Village Resort BulletAwana Kijal Beach & Golf Resort
BulletRainforest Resort BulletTanjong Jara Resort
BulletWoodland Resort  
  Cameron Highlands Hotel Packages - Pahang
Bukit Tinggi (Berjaya Hill) Hotel Packages - Pahang BulletCameron Highlands Resort
BulletBukit Tinggi Golf & Country Club  
BulletColmar Tropicale Resort Genting Highlands Hotel Packages - Pahang
  BulletAwana Genting Hotel
  BulletFirst World Hotel
  BulletTheme Park Hotel
ii. Malaysia Island Packages
Besar Island Packages - Johor Gemia Island Packages - Terengganu
BulletD'Coconut Resort BulletGem Island Resort & Spa
  Kapas Island Packages - Terengganu
Kapalai Island Packages - Sabah BulletKapas Island Resort
BulletSipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort  
  Lankayan Island Packages - Sabah
Langkawi Island Packages- Kedah BulletLankayan Island Dive Resort
BulletAwana Porto Malai Resort  
BulletBerjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort Lang Tengah Island Packages - Terengganu
BulletEagle Bay Hotel BulletBlue Coral Island Resort
  BulletD' Coconut Lagoon Resort
  BulletLang Sari Resort (ex.Square Point Resort)
Layang-Layang Island Packages - Sabah BulletRedang Lang Island Resort
BulletLayang - Layang Island Resort  
  Mabul Island Packages - Sabah
Mataking Island Hotel - Sabah BulletBorneo Divers Mabul Resort
BulletThe Reef Dive Resort BulletSeaventures Dive Resort
  BulletSipadan Mabul Resort (SMART)
Perhentian Island Packages - Terengganu  
BulletArwana Perhentian Eco Resort Pangkor Island Packages - Perak
BulletBubbles Island Resort BulletCoral Bay Resort
BulletBubu Resort at Long Beach BulletPangkor Laut Resort
BulletCoral View Island Resort  
BulletNew Cocohut Chalets Rawa Island Packages - Johor
BulletPerhentian Island Resort BulletRawa Safaris Resort
BulletSenja Bay Resort (ex. Suria Perhentian)  
BulletTuna Bay Island Resort Redang Island Island Packages - Terengganu
  BulletAyu Mayang Resort
Sipadan Island Packages - Sabah BulletBerjaya Redang Beach Resort
BulletSipadan Water Village Resort BulletCoral Redang Island Resort
  BulletLaguna Redang Island Resort
Tiga Island Packages - Sabah BulletRedang Bay Resort
BulletTiga Island Resort BulletRedang Beach Resort
  BulletRedang Holiday Beach Villa
Mantanani Island Packages - Sabah BulletRedang Kalong Resort
BulletMantanani Island Resort BulletRedang Pelangi Resort
  BulletRedang Reef Resort
Pompong Island Packages - Sabah  
BulletPompong Island Resort Tioman Island Packages - Pahang
  BulletBerjaya Tioman Beach, Golf & Spa Resort
Tenggol Island Packages - Pahang BulletGenting Bayu Chalet
BulletTenggol Island Beach Resort BulletMinang Cove Resort
BulletTenggol Island Resort BulletPanuba Inn Resort
  BulletPaya Beach Resort
  BulletSalang Beach Resort
  BulletSalang Indah Resort
  BulletSalang Pusaka Resort
  BulletSun Beach Resort
  BulletTioman Beauty Resort
  BulletTioman Paya Resort
Malaysia Popular Destinations
 • Alor Setar Hotel  • Batu Ferringhi Hotel  • Bukit Bintang Hotel  • Ipoh Hotel
 • Georgetown Hotel  • Golden Triangle Hotel  • Johor Bahru Hotel  • KLIA Airport Hotel
 • Kota Bahru Hotel  • Kuala Rompin Hotel  • Kuala Terengganu Hotel  • Kuantan Hotel
 • Kuching Hotel  • Kota Kinabalu Hotel  • Labuan Hotel  • Langkawi Island Hotel
 • Lang Tengah Island Hotel  • Malacca Town Hotel  • Pangkor Island Hotel  • Perhentian Island Hotel
 • Petaling Jaya Hotel  • Redang Island Hotel  • Seremban Hotel  • Subang/USJ Hotel
 • Tanjong Jara Hotel  • Tioman Island Hotel    
Malaysia Popular Beaches
 • Cherating Hotel  • Port Dickson Hotel    
Malaysia Popular Highlands & Hills
 • Cameron Highlands Hotel  • Fraser Hill Hotel  • Genting Highlands Hotel  
Malaysia Popular Islands
 • Banding Island Hotel  • Besar Island Hotel  • Duyong Island Hotel  • Gaya Island Hotel
 • Gemia Island Hotel  • Kapalai Island Hotel  • Kapas Island Hotel  • Langkawi Island Hotel
 • Lang Tengah Island Hotel  • Lankayan Island Hotel  • Layang-Layang Island  • Mabul Island Hotel
 • Mantanani Island Hotel  • Mataking Island Hotel  • Pangkor Island Hotel  • Pemanggil Island Hotel
 • Perhentian Island Hotel  • Pompong Island Hotel  • Redang Island Hotel  • Rawa Island Hotel
 • Sipadan Island Hotel  • Tenggol Island Hotel  • Tiga Island Hotel  • Tinggi Island Hotel
 • Tioman Island Hotel      
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