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Lampung - Sumatra

Lampung Beach

Lampung is a province of indonesia, located on the southern tip of the island of Sumatra.It borders the provinces of Bengkulu and South Sumatra. The original inhabitant of Lampung is the "Lampung" tribe, who speak a distinct language from other people in Sumatra and have their own alphabet.

Sumatran elephants, tigers and hundreds of species of birds can be watched at the Way Kambas nature reserve. Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world can be seen when it is blooming at Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, on the southern coastline of Sumatra. The province has a great potential in agriculture, however, its population is small.

Agriculture provides the main income to its population, from farming, fishery and plantations. Clove, coffee and coconut grow extensively along the southern coast. While on the eastern part and hinterland they cultivate pepper, coffee, cassava, cocoa and rice, the tobacco growing area is around Lake Ranu in the northern part.

It is known that Lampung has been inhabited since prehistoric times. This was proven by the discovery of cultural relics in the form of megalithic sculptures at Kebontebu, Kenali, Pugung and Batubedil. There are historical remains showing that it was under the country's greatest maritime empire Sriwijaya.

The stone inscriptions of Palas Pasemah and Batubedil in southern Lampung are among the relics of this Empire of the 7th century.

The influence of Islam is seen from the Tambra Prasasti inscription containing a contract of merchandise supplies between the Kingdoms of Banten and Lampung. Priorto Islam, the inhabitants of Lampung practiced a syncretic Buddhist-Hindu cult.

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