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Banyuwanyi - Java


Banyuwangi constitutes an eastest regency of East Java. In the north part, Situbondo regency is situated. Jember and Bondowoso regencies are the neighbor regencies in the West part. In the East part, Bali is stretched, while in the South part, the Indonesian Ocean is located.

Banyuwangi is situated in the coordinate between 70 45’ 15” of South Latitude and 113’ 38.2” of East Longitude. Because of this position, Banyuwangi has various natural scenery, richness of art and culture, customs and traditions.

The beauty of nature is spread out Banyuwangi, from west part to east. Mountains, forest and beaches sculpt the Land Mark of each region. For instance; Ijen Creater, in the west part of Banyuwangi is famous for its beautiful creater lake, traditional sulfur miners who amazingly climb up and down the slope of Mount Merapi, the plantations the hampers the slope where the Ijen Creater crowned.

In the National Park of Meru Betiri with its Java Tiger, the turtles, that sign the land of Banyuwangi. The places constitutes the center of Tourism Developed area which is called Diamond Triangle, which connect among one Tourism Object to others.

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